Graphene Predictation

- Nov 14, 2016-

Graphene as a new type of material of the king ", with good toughness, light weight, high transmittance, good conductivity and other characteristics, touch screen display, electronic chip cooling device, lithium battery electrode materials, transistors and other areas are the main direction of Shi Moxi industry. However, due to the short birth time of graphene, coupled with technical difficulties to be overcome, at present, the lower reaches of the raw materials for the raw material is still less.          

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chongqing Green Intelligent Technology Research Institute of micro nano manufacturing and system integration research center deputy director Shi Haofei also expressed the same point of view. He believes that many Chinese companies do not really know what the graphene, which leads to the application of graphene is not mature. "Now the whole industry has not resolved how to develop from raw materials to the industrial chain, but a large number of raw materials, the real production of products is very little."          

At present, China has more than 400 companies engaged in graphene industry related businesses, is expected in 2020 China's total revenue will be more than 100 billion yuan graphene industry, will pull 1 trillion yuan to upgrade the manufacturing industry. China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance Secretary General Li Yichun for graphene production capacity is relatively optimistic about how to convert the downstream products.          

He believes that China graphene industry has just started, but also in a change of the process of elimination. As long as the enterprises in the industry pinpoint their location, have their own goals, the future transformation is the logical thing, the future graphene industry naturally benign growth.

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