High Density Lithium Battery Material System

- Oct 29, 2016-

Lithium ion battery is a kind of high energy density, long cycle life, no memory effect and electrochemical device, through the industrialization of nearly thirty years of development, has been in the consumer electronics and other fields have been widely used.          

Now, lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles, energy storage and other applications are gradually gaining promotion and application for electric vehicles, how to extend the single charge mileage is one of the problems and challenges in current academia and industry are facing by continuing to enhance the energy density of the battery power.          

At present, many countries including China, have been developed on the further enhance the battery energy density to 300~400 WH / kg in the long-term strategic goals.          

It is estimated that the current high voltage layered transition metal oxide and graphite as positive and negative electrode active material composed of liquid lithium ion power battery weight energy density limit of about 280Wh/kg. After the introduction of silicon based alloy substitution of pure graphite as anode material, the energy density of lithium ion power battery is expected to be above 300Wh/kg, the upper limit of which is about 350Wh/kg.          

For the further reach of the higher energy density target, the lithium metal battery with lithium as the negative pole has become an inevitable choice. This is because the lithium metal capacity is 3860 mAh/g, about 10 times of graphite, because it itself is a lithium source, wide selection of cathode materials, can be embedded in compounds containing lithium or lithium containing sulfur and sulfides, can also be even air, composed of a higher energy density of lithium sulfur battery and lithium air battery.

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