High Nickel Cathode Materials Will Become The Mainstream Market In The Future

- Jan 02, 2017-

In 2016, the overall development of the positive electrode material industry is good, but the cathode material enterprises themselves are under great pressure and challenges. Affected by the national policy adjustments, the cathode material industry in the short term market risk increases. Therefore, to improve the quality of products and technological innovation, reduce business pressure, to ensure the stable supply of raw materials, cathode materials enterprises to participate in the future competition key.          

Compared with last year, this year, the cathode material industry market concentration is improving, and the short season is no longer prominent. Due to the power battery and consumer electronics on the cathode material demand volume is relatively large, the cathode material market space is broad, high school low-end products are market demand. Power battery cathode material market demand is large, but the competition is fierce, especially in the low-end competition is more tragic, high-end cathode material production capacity is still insufficient.

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