High Nickel Ternary Battery Becoming Mainstream

- Sep 23, 2016-

Insiders said that despite the current high nickel battery materials three yuan to large-scale production applications, but with the Bottleneck Breakthrough in battery manufacturing process and high nickel materials three yuan, the next 2-3 years the industry will achieve three yuan high nickel battery materials industry application.          

With three yuan of materials in the field of power safety gradually mature, and the consumer market demand for mileage increase three yuan, high nickel battery materials has a significant advantage in energy density is generally optimistic about the market, become a hot research topic in many battery enterprises.      


Many of the large power battery companies will be three yuan high nickel battery as power lithium battery materials for the next generation of research target, but the basic is still in development and testing phase before mass production, to achieve large-scale industrialization and there is a certain distance.          

The safety of high nickel three element battery is influenced by the multiple factors, such as the preparation of cathode material, manufacturing environment, production equipment, electric core manufacturing process and so on. Among them, the high nickel three yuan cathode material is not mature and high nickel three yuan battery manufacturing process technology has not yet been a breakthrough is the main reason to hinder its industrialization.

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