How To Construct Urban Transport Network

- Dec 25, 2016-

Huang Xun said, to create a green operational service platform, the car, piles and people in tandem to form a vehicle supplier, charging providers and service platform one-stop service program.          

He said, because the failure of electric car logistics before the production rate is very high, so in the purchase of vehicles on the quality of the control to be very strict, including going to the depot pre inspection to the end of the car must have on over sampling inspection method of their own.          

He said that the logistics industry timeliness requirements are very high, so operating companies should start from customer demand, grasp timeliness. Operation of the entire enterprise operation and maintenance team and operating system for timeliness services, service networks and mechanisms to support this timeliness.          

The company's operating experience as an example, Huang Xun said that although the built pile last ditch, but since we should do with the layout of the city and to understand the customer's path, understand their business model pile layout.          

In addition, the construction of green city transportation network, in the intelligent information technology to invest a lot, he said, through the vehicle terminal system, real-time data upload, vehicle control, to provide users with timely maintenance and rescue service.          

He pointed out that the new energy vehicle logistics operation in the biggest problem is not the life of 150 km mileage, basically can be met, and if the car companies to increase the capacity of the battery if it will bring an increase in the cost, so he pointed out that the charge is a big problem.          

The second is the vehicle quality problems, because the electric car is driven by electric power, the characteristics of the battery industry are very clear, feel cold and hot, so the core components to enhance vehicle manufacturing cost reduction needed.          

He believes that, regardless of the new energy industry have thorns or landscape or, if you want to make this industry has a good development, rely on government subsidies is certainly not, or from the needs to start in earnest to service for customers.


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