How To Cut Down Lithium Ion Battery Price

- Oct 20, 2018-

How to Cut Down Lithium ion Battery Priceļ¼Ÿ

SINOLI internal training how to cut down lithium ion battery price, let's share physical method--- there is still room for process improvement.

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Cylindrical routes are currently the lowest cost, mainly through 18650 to 20700 and 21700 large-capacity unit switching to achieve further cost reduction;

Soft package route costs the highest, mainly through large-scale production, cost reduction and improved process to increase energy density.

Square routes reduce costs mainly through large capacity and lightweight aluminum shell, and the potential cost reduction space is the largest among the three types of packaging routes.

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At present, the key breakthrough is to enhance the specific energy of the system by improving the efficiency of the group. The industrial target is to increase the specific energy of the system from 65% to 85%, corresponding to 30% of the specific energy improvement space.

Chemical methods: improving the performance of cathode materials is the key.

Cathode materials: high nickel NCM materials and NCA materials, high specific energy cathode materials can greatly reduce the amount of materials such as anode, diaphragm and electrolyte;

Negative electrode material: silicon carbon anode instead of switching.

Diaphragm: thin diaphragm;

Electrolyte: a new electrolyte LiFSI.