How To See The Battery Capacity Threshold ?

- Jan 03, 2017-

Recently, the Ministry of industry and information release "automotive battery industry standard conditions (2017)" mentioned in the draft, lithium-ion battery monomer enterprises with an annual capacity of not less than 8 billion watts, system of enterprises with an annual output capacity of not less than 80 thousand or 4 billion watts, the power battery capacity requirements can be described as "changes".          

"For the power battery enterprises, avoid blind investment and layout, whether it is three yuan, lithium iron phosphate or lithium titanate materials, nano materials, nano ball type is the only way, the enterprise must grasp their own core technology." This is the view of Wei Yincang, chairman of Zhuhai new energy Co., ltd..          

Under the regulation of the system of power battery industry will show a new pattern, the policy for the support of the leading enterprises and industrial agglomeration trend will become increasingly evident. Up to now, the number of domestic power battery enterprises has reached 145, is expected to be reduced to 85 in 2018.          

The battery before the five large companies (BYD, CATL, waltmal, China Xuan tech, Lishen) the basic pattern has been set, but the secondary pattern changed greatly. In the next few years, the main variables affecting the industrial structure, including government led procurement, battery technology, based on the industry chain linkage price competition and scale effect.          

In terms of price, technology, security and other aspects of the formation of a comprehensive competitive advantage of the enterprise will be fast epistasis, three or four wire power battery business survival will be severely squeezed. It is foreseeable that in the upcoming 2017, the industry reshuffle will come ahead of schedule.          

The terminal users of the power battery system mainly include the public transportation industry, taxi enterprises and individual consumers. Whether it is a bus company or taxi companies, their pain points are in the following three aspects: first, to ensure operational efficiency, the two is the low operating costs, the cost of ownership is low three. From the user point of view, easy to use, cost-effective, security must become the three key words of power battery system.          

Currently, the anode material is still graphite based, the possibility of being replaced in the short term is unlikely. The energy density, charging current and cost of anode materials are the future direction of the anode materials, and also the problems that should be solved in the future market competition.          

In the light of the change of the lithium ion battery market, the anode materials enterprises should make positive adjustment and preparation, and do a good job in the technical aspects of the new anode materials. Among them, differentiation, refinement and scale are three strategies for anode materials of enterprises to participate in future market competition, but also in three aspects of technical route, material type and market positioning of deep thinking, strict control in the production process and product quality, product parameters.

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