HUAWEI Graphene Battery Can Not Be Called Graphene Based Lithium Battery

- Dec 06, 2016-

The HUAWEI battery, the cathode material for single crystal materials three yuan, three yuan of materials currently developed outside the several NCM (LiCoxNiyMnzO2) NCA (acid lithium nickel cobalt aluminum), it is containing lithium, but also by lithium ion to charge and discharge in moving between the positive pole and the. So it is a lithium-ion battery.          

In July this year, Dongxu photoelectric released "aliking" mobile power, using a graphene based anode material of lithium ion battery, this battery is a lithium iron phosphate coated with graphene, i.e., graphene in the anode material, so it can be called graphene based lithium battery.          

Graphene battery, the academic community has a clear definition. If the reference to the definition of lithium-ion batteries, graphene battery is certainly graphene as the main electrode material, but at present, the battery has not seen. All we see the name of the name of graphene is actually mixed with graphene lithium ion batteries or lead acid batteries, not really graphene battery.          

This battery is HUAWEI, the most powerful of this new battery technology is high temperature and long life, high temperature 60 degrees C for 2000 cycles, the capacity retention rate is still more than 70%; 60 degrees high temperature storage for 200 days, the capacity loss is less than 13%, the data can be fully seckill currently on the market most of the lithium battery, this battery is this amazing place the! So, HUAWEI's next step will be to use this battery in some high temperature environment, such as the tropical area of the communication base station, UAV and so on.          

HUAWEI, graphene, lithium battery, there are so many popular this message once released, it attracted the media crazy pursuit.          

In fact, since 2015 since HUAWEI announced a partnership with British Manchester University National Institute of graphene, the new HUAWEI products especially the new mobile phone before the release, there is always a graphene battery hearsay, such as Mate8, Mate9 Pro, but eventually proved to be a smoke bomb.          

A new technology from research and development to the results of the final subversion of another industry, not overnight, but to go through countless people have to pay a lot of effort to be possible to achieve.         

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