HUAWEI New Battery Graphene

- Dec 06, 2016-

In December 1st, HUAWEI Central Research Institute laboratory in Japan's fifty-seventh watt Battery Conference, announced the implementation of major breakthroughs in the field of lithium ion battery, introduced the industry's first high temperature long-life graphene based lithium ion battery. The experimental results show that the new high temperature technology based on graphene can increase the temperature of the upper limit of lithium ion battery by 10 degrees, and the service life is 2 times higher than that of the ordinary lithium ion battery.          

HUAWEI, graphene, lithium battery, there are so many popular this message once released, it attracted the media crazy pursuit.          

HUAWEI new battery technology breakthrough in what? And graphene have a relationship?          

It is understood that HUAWEI graphene based lithium ion battery is mainly used in high temperature extreme environment, the principle is by adding high temperature in the electrolyte antidecomposition additive, crystal cathode with high stability, greatly enhance the thermal stability of the battery, at the same time, heat by using graphene.          

HUAWEI Watt laboratory chief scientist Dr. Li Yangxing pointed out that the graphene based high temperature lithium ion battery technology breakthroughs mainly from three aspects:          

1, adding special additives in the electrolyte, remove trace amounts of water, to avoid the high temperature decomposition of the electrolyte;          

2, the positive electrode of the battery is used to modify the large single crystal three element material, and improve the thermal stability of the material;          

3, the use of new materials, graphene, can achieve efficient heat radiation between the lithium-ion battery and the environment.          

The charge discharge test under high temperature environment show that the same parameters, the graphene based high temperature lithium ion battery temperature than ordinary lithium ion battery is reduced by 5 DEG C; high temperature 60 degrees C for 2000 cycles. The capacity retention rate is still more than 70%; 60 degrees high temperature storage for 200 days, the capacity loss is less than 13%.          

So, we clearly see that the HUAWEI battery has exceeded three, which is in graphene as a radiating material, this part, and the three breakthrough collaborative force, there is no major and minor points.         

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