In 2020 The Lithium Battery Specific Energy Will Reach 300 Kwh / Kg

- Oct 24, 2016-

Reporters from the ninth session of the International Conference on electric vehicle lithium battery (ABAA9) that, by 2020, China new lithium ion battery will realize the industrialization, the power battery will achieve intelligent manufacturing, product cost has been increased dramatically.          


According to the Ministry of science and technology research and Development Center Deputy Director Bian Shuguang introduction, the current production of lithium ion batteries in the world is mainly concentrated in China, Japan, South Korea, where the largest number of Chinese enterprises, the largest production capacity.          


Bian Shuguang pointed out that China's lithium ion battery enterprises in the high-end materials and related basic research, as well as the battery safety, reliability and system management technology and other aspects of foreign advanced enterprises still exist a large gap.          


According to reports, the "12th Five-Year" period of power lithium ion battery China than energy reached more than 160 WH / kg, cost less than 3 yuan / kwh. According to the "2025" Chinese manufacturing, to 2020, the lithium ion battery China energy will reach 300 kwh / kg.          


As the current new energy vehicles are widely used in power batteries, lithium battery technology to a large extent affect the development of new energy automotive industry.          


"The future for quite a long time, China's energy conservation will be universal plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles as the main task. So the next step to improve the power battery intelligent manufacturing level, improve the verification test method and standard system, is the key task of the development of China's power battery." Bian Shuguang said.


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