Influence Of Compaction Density On The Performance Of Lithium Battery

- Oct 09, 2016-

Lithium ion batteries generally is the process of the active material, conductive agent, binder and solvent slurry, using the coating equipment in the collector (usually copper or aluminum foil) slurry is coated in a layer with a certain thickness, after drying after reverse coating.          

After the double coated electrode usually after one to two times rolling, porosity and density to control electrode, the electrode will finally cut, and the coiling core, finally combined into a battery, after injection into, can be used in commercial lithium ion batteries.          

It is found that, in addition to the intrinsic properties of the active material of the lithium ion battery electrode, the micro structure of the electrode has a significant impact on the energy density and electrochemical performance of the battery.

Without rolling electrode, only 50% of the space is occupied by the active material, improve the compaction density, can effectively improve the electrode volume energy density and energy density of the weight, but this will also affect the electrode structure, such as porosity, specific surface area, pore size distribution and bending curvature, but also affect the distribution of electrodes in the binder and conductive agent, which will have a significant impact on the electrochemical performance of lithium ion battery.

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