IPhone Automatic Shutdown Fault Exposure Battery Short Board

- Nov 14, 2016-

Recently about the case of iPhone automatic shutdown triggered hot friends, a large number of users in micro-blog, WeChat platform, said the situation encountered a similar situation. Beijing Business Daily reporter in November 13th call Apple official service point, its staff said that the current main affected models are 6S iPhone and 6S Plus iPhone, and other models currently did not find a large number of cases. As to the cause of the problem, there is no exact message.          

With the weather turned cold, Apple's mobile phone also began a lot of problems. Many users reflect, this time their own Apple phone in the power of the remaining 20% or so occurs when the automatic shutdown. In this regard, apple customer service staff also confirmed the existence of such a situation, and that the current problems can be an maintenance free during the warranty period, the warranty period, you must pay. As for the specific reasons are not explained, but it may be a lot of reasons, it is required to know after the specific detection.          

However, the problem is not limited to iPhone 6S and Phone 6S Plus, the Beijing Daily reporter found in micro-blog, the product model from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6S almost have occurred, mobile phone software also relates to iOS 9 and iOS 10 version.   

Industry analysts believe that the core issues should be concentrated in the battery. Apple mobile phone use lithium-ion batteries, usually in low temperature environment can accelerate the consumption of lithium ion battery, its temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius will stop working. If the battery does not do some technical processing, in the partial cold areas will appear in this type of problem.

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