JA Solar Solar Cell Factory Started In Vietnam

- Jan 17, 2017-

According to local media reports in Vietnam, a solar energy company Chinese JA solar in a Vietnam construction of a new $1 billion solar battery factory.          

The opening ceremony of the project in Vietnam, Cheung Chau Industrial Park held in Beijiang river. In summer, JA solar obtained a lease of land right in the land lease a 88 hectares of land, now within three years will invest $320 million.          

More details have not yet confirmed JA solar battery manufacturing plant the size of the final plan, but according to reports, the facility construction and subsequent operation will provide 3000 jobs, the annual turnover of approximately $500 million.          

JA solar cell has capacity close to 1GW in Malaysia, the Vietnam plant will be used to expand overseas production center, service in the United States and European market. Europe and the United States market for China's production of solar modules with a variety of trade barriers, the price is still expensive.          

In September, the company voluntarily withdraw from the EU's commitment to the lowest price (MIP), is mainly due to continued price cuts and JA solar solar components caused by the increase of overseas production capacity. more solar battery cell manufacturer in china, you can find at: