Japan Is The Most Successful In Hybrid Cars

- Nov 16, 2016-

Japan's engine system technology has long been in the world's leading position, and its motor system is also the. There are some professionals often mention, non professionals to understand, but do not understand the good dynamic mixing device, namely "planetary gear" hybrid mechanism. Professional personnel to conduct hybrid automobile product development, must meet the conditions for its products to understand the working principle, the movement of the theoretical formula, not only is the product layout for docking just outside size. The following are some of the basic knowledge of the introduction, so as to better understand the reasons for the success of Japan's hybrid car technology.          

TOYOTA Prius as an example to illustrate. The output shaft of the engine is connected to the gear rack of the planet gear, and the generator (Generator) is connected to the solar wheel, and the driving motor (Motor) is connected with the gear ring and output to the half shaft.          

Advantages: no clutch, drive system only one mode. By adjusting Generator power and speed to make the engine run economic speed; at the start and the reverse gear, the engine can not start the vehicle, only driven by the motor; when braking, the drive motor as a generator to recharge the battery, while providing braking torque.          

Disadvantages: planetary gear will always be in a state of operation, the main drive motor (Motor) speed and speed is proportional to the output shaft can not be decoupled. The transmission efficiency is limited in the whole working condition range, and can not adapt to the larger vehicles, in high-speed road conditions to a large number of low energy efficiency of the electric drive.

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