Japan's Several Metals Companies Will Increase Investment In Electric Vehicle Business

- Dec 23, 2016-

At the same time, the United States, China and Europe and other countries of the government are actively encouraged to promote the launch of pure electric vehicles.          

In addition, JX also hopes to be able to occupy a place in the smart car market. JX plans to 2017/18 fiscal year will mass production of high-purity tin, can be used to connect intelligent cars and other devices within the electronic module. In addition, it also said it would increase the yield of semiconductor and copper foil.          

Electric car market changes          

Currently the market is generally concerned about the rapid changes in electronic and automotive technology, which means that new materials will quickly be commercialized, or quickly eliminated by the market.          

According to a person from a metal company unnamed official said: "some are now being used materials or parts, perhaps the next few years will be eliminated, so we need to innovate, keep pace with the times, and even to walk in front of our competitors."          

Daiwa Securities analyst Shinichiro Ozaki said Sumitomo commercial strategic changes to 2018/19 years will double the profit for its renewal.          

In addition, the Mitsubishi Material Corp will also increase investment in the field of electric vehicles, which in September to $300 million acquisition of a British company to increase its copper processing business, the business is mainly aimed at the automotive and medical equipment.          

And some small companies, as and Ltd (Dowa Holdings), Co (Furukawa River) is currently investing in the development of electronic materials.

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