Japan Sumitomo Chemical Intended To Make Expansion Four Times The Capacity Of Diaphragm

- Sep 08, 2016-

Japan Sumitomo chemical (Sumitomo Chemical) film separation plan in 2018 will be located in South Korea (separator) increase production capacity to 4 times at the beginning of 2016 level.SNL is a professional lithium battery supplier, which also is an electric bike battery manufacture/factory supplies 36v lithium Battery,36v battery, 48v battery,48v lithium ion battery,48v 10a and so on.


Tesla (Tesla) although there is less than the delivery, revenue decline and other issues, but it is still evident in the global market for electric vehicles concerned and demand. Demand for lithium batteries will be promising to continue to grow, Japan Sumitomo chemical (Sumitomo Chemical) plans in 2018 will be located in the diaphragm of South Korea (separator) increase production capacity to 4 times at the beginning of 2016 level.           


According to the Nikkei report, the expansion of the electric car market, direct drive electric vehicles with lithium battery supply chain strength, from the material to the battery pack has become the focus of attention of the industry. Tesla's car battery provided by Japan's Panasonic, and Panasonic to supply the diaphragm using Tesla's battery, by Sumitomo chemical supply. Due to Tesla in 2018 annual production capacity to 500 thousand cars in 2020, to 1 million vehicles, Sumitomo chemical Panasonic diaphragm demand expected in the next boom, therefore decided to expand production. 



Anode and cathode materials, separator, electrolyte is the four key materials of lithium battery, and the Japanese factory occupies the absolute market share. In addition to Sumitomo chemical separation membrane to supply Panasonic, Toray also has Panasonic and LG Chem to supply the diaphragm, and is expected to increase production capacity of 70% at the end of 2018. Another diaphragm manufacturer plans to double production capacity in the Asahi diaphragm before the end of 2020, Sumitomo metal mines in recent years to the positive material to expand production capacity of two times, then improve the anode materials onquest planning capacity of 80% at the end of this year.          


MoneyDJ cited the Japanese market research agency Fuji economic argument, that the global electric vehicle market will rapidly expand around 2020 to 2035, when up to 5 million 670 thousand vehicles, compared to 2015 soared nearly 16 times as much. Among them, the growth rate of China and the European market is the most obvious.

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