Latest Achievements In Solid State Battery Research

- Oct 06, 2018-

Latest Achievements in Solid State Battery Research

Recently, according to foreign media reports, the German Institute of Energy and Climate Research published a paper on the development of solid-state batteries, including information on the charging efficiency and life of solid-state batteries. Unfortunately, the results show that this new battery technology does not have obvious advantages over the current lithium battery technology.

Cycle life of solid state battery:

The report claims that solid-state batteries are not much more efficient than current lithium batteries. At the same energy density, solid-state batteries need about an hour to charge, but the current lithium batteries have the same charging efficiency. In addition, solid-state batteries can maintain 84% service life after 500 charges and discharges, which is basically consistent with the current battery technology.

Solid state battery charging problem:

The report also mentions that electrodes in solid-state batteries are more efficient at absorbing ions, and although current charging efficiency is not ideal, there is still room for development.

Energy density of solid state battery:

The report does not mention the specific energy density of solid-state batteries, but it is also the industry's top concern. According to previous reports, the energy density of solid-state batteries will be three times that of lithium-ion batteries. According to the "Made in China 2025" technical target, the energy density of lithium-ion batteries will reach 300 Wh/kg by 2020 and 400 Wh/kg by 2025, so the technology of solid-state batteries is still the most concerned development direction in the world.

we all have seen a great development in lithium ion battery improvement in the past 30 years, while lead acid battery has a history more than 100 years. lithium ion battery has walked step by step to prove it's a good source of new energy other than lead acid. however, with the development of nowadays more new applications and higher demand in high quality better ultilization on limited resources, it proposed much greater requirement for lithium ion battery the new energy, thus solid battery is the ideast new energy theoretically speaking so far in expert and researchers's review. however, the way to success is alwasy hard and uneven. this research paper seems do not take any better result after research than traditional NCM523 lithium ion battery. let's still take an eye in the latest new progress in future.