Lead-acid Battery Current Situation Price Competition Is Serious

- May 19, 2018-

Lead-acid Battery Current Situation Price Competition is Serious

Lead-acid battery is the largest production of battery products in the world, which accounts for 50% of the total amount of the battery. 

It is understood that even in developed countries and regions, a large number of lead-acid batteries are still produced and used. 

Looking at the whole lead-acid battery market, the lead-acid battery industry is in the mature stage from the number of competition, the rate of travel, the exit barrier, the degree of homogeneity and the level of competition. 

However, the quality of the lead-acid battery is at a mature stage, but the overall quality of the industry is uneven and the enterprise's own factors are limited. Most of the lead acid battery enterprises are in the low end products and fight the price war at present. The existing enterprises in the market are competing fiercely.

but lithium ion battery won't go low price competition road. on the one hand, lithium ion battery demand is increasing more and more with the increasing demand of EV cars. on the other hand, low price has no warranty, which safety is out of control.