LG 18650 Dynamic Power Lithium Ion Batteries Good Quality Trust Worthy

- Sep 20, 2017-

LG chemical belonging to South Korea's three largest group of LG group.

Since its founding in 1947, LG chemistry has grown into the largest comprehensive chemical company in South Korea through continuous innovation and research and development activities over the past half century.

In 1998, LG officially began the development of lithium ion battery.

by virtue of their decades of experience on research and production of chemical materials, LG industrial chain synergies in the development of lithium battery, can be positive and negative electrode material, isolation film has unique technology, the first time into the product design, directly reflected in the the battery cell development areas have unique technology.

At present, LG chemistry can be developed from Cell, modules, BMS, Pack to technical support, and provide all the product combinations related to power batteries. Over the past few years, LG chemical power battery business revenue grew year by year, in 2016 the power battery shipments reached 7.3GWh.


In writers opinion, LG is a very old and chemical professional company. It is the very first batch of groups devoted in lithium ion battery research and development in the early years.  LG 18650 dynamic batteries quality is good. we used many for our electric bike customers and test it's good. we will keep close concern with good quality LG 18650 power batteries to give our customer the very good quality and price, more safer and more eco-friendly.