LG Chemical Battery Claims In 2018 To Replace Panasonic

- Oct 04, 2016-

LG chemical claims in 2018 to replace the power of this year has been signed power battery orders more than $3 billion 240 million          

Since 2014 to the first half of 2016, the market share of the market share has been stable at about 40%, from the current point of view, LG chemical power battery can obtain the dominant position, but also difficult to judge.          

South Korean battery manufacturer LG chemical recently said that by 2018 will replace Japan's Panasonic Corp, becoming the power battery market overlord.          

LG chemical revealed that in 2016, LG chemical battery annual sales will reach $1 billion 100 million; in 2017, will be a significant jump to $3 billion 300 million; by 2020, this data will be as high as $6 billion 300 million. If it goes well, LG chemistry in sales of more than $is not impossible, because in July this year, the media said the Panasonic Corp, its power battery business sales reached $4 billion in 2018.          

However, we should also see that the current between LG and Matsushita chemical overlord still large gap.          

From 2014 to the first half of 2016, Matsushita Battery Market share has been stable at around 40%, and the three stages of the LG chemical data were 13%, 12.5%, 7.9%.

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