LG Intends To Rely On Chemical Household Batteries Into The American Market Or A Rival Tesla

- Oct 31, 2016-

According to foreign media reports, recently, the world's largest automotive battery manufacturer LG chemical company said publicly that the United States will jointly roof solar company Sunrun home storage battery products, and plans to enter the U.S. market. As early as last year, Tesla has launched a large home battery Powerwall, so this decision will make LG chemical face intense competition with tesla.          

In early 2016, Tesla became the supplier of Sunrun's home power savings system in Hawaii. Due to the signing of this cooperation agreement, LG chemical will also become one of the world's Sunrun suppliers. Sunrun executive chairman Ed Finster (Ed Fenster) said in an interview, "Tesla in battery manufacturing field has always maintained a world leader, but in this part of the LG lithium ion battery chemistry and no one can." In addition, he added, LG chemical household batteries into the U.S. market plans to effectively reduce the high battery costs, for many families to bring significant economic benefits.          

Sunrun is a partnership with LG, part of the reason is that Tesla announced on Sunrun the enemy -- Solarcity's acquisition plan in the near future, the acquisition of the amount of $2 billion 600 million (about 17 billion 630 million yuan).          

Because the battery system Sunrun often by signing the contract or operation of power purchase agreement with the user, users only need to pay a monthly fee to use this technology, but there is no need to pay upfront fees, household electricity expenses will be greatly reduced.             

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