Li4Ti5O12 (lithium Titanate) Obvious Advantages

- Jul 09, 2017-

Compared with carbon materials, spinel type Li4Ti5O12 (lithium titanate) has obvious advantages:

  1. It is a zero strain material with good cycle performance.

  2. the discharge voltage is stable, and the electrolyte does not cause decomposition, so as to improve the safety performance of lithium batteries.

  3. compared with carbon anode material, lithium titanate has high diffusion coefficient of lithium ion (2*10-8cm2/s), and can be charged and discharged at high rate.

  4. the potential of lithium titanate is higher than that of pure lithium, and it is difficult to produce lithium dendrites, which provides a basis for the safety of lithium batteries.

in not far near future, lithium titanate battery will give us a more surprises.