Lifepo4 And NCM Batteries Comparison

- Jan 08, 2017-

Lead Acid, Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh disadvantages: low working platform, less in energy density, memory effect and not good to environment (here we do not make deliberate explaination)

LiCoO2: all performs well, but small drain supply, is mainly used in small portable device, not sensitive with high drain power supply, and price is the highest one of rechargeable lithium batteries, about 1.5-2.5times than lead acid.

LiFePO4 and LiNiCoMnO2: (mainly compared between the two)

both are mainly applied in e-bike, electrical power tool with high drain power supplier, but each battery has each advantages and disadvantages.

advantages and disadvantages of LiNiCoMnO2 compared with LiFePO4

1). smaller in size, lighter in weight, cost down

a. NCM typical voltage is 3.7v, higher than lifepo4 3.2v.
   That means to reach a higher voltage, lifepo4 battery will use more cells in seriese connection. so battery cells increased and size increased as well. therefore, cost increased accordingly.

b. NCM unit energy density 180wh/kg, much higher than lifepo 170wh/kg.
   That means in unit space, NCM could get more electric power than lifepo4.

for example, 48v 24ah battery pack, lifepo4 will use 16s5p 80pcs cells, while NCM only need 13s5p 65pcs cells. size and weight deducted thereto, price down also, these are good for e-bikes.

2). NCM can discharge when temperature below 0℃

when temperature drops to 0℃, lifepo4 can not discharge anymore. it's dull, not active. you can say safe, but not applicable in real application.

while, NCM can still discharge at -10~-20℃, depend on material composition recipe.  more active, doest not mean it's unsafe. because recipe with electrolyte matching and control, it's safe under control, and it's released forbidden to use in new energy electric car, bus and even sport car etc.

3). cycle life comparison

lifepo4 typical chemistry decides it's cyclelife up to 2000times and above. for the vehicals not sensititve to size and weight, can consider to use lifepo4 battery, it's good option also. models like
NCM battery after 500times cycle, could keep 80% of original power, that means 1 year or so, for average 1time per day charge and discharge.  from the commercial point of view, it's good for ecnomic circulation also.