Lithium Battery Cost Analysis

- Dec 21, 2016-

In order for the production of lithium ion batteries cost in-depth analysis, people developed many models, the BatPaC model for the development test of Argonne National famous one, the model uses a variety of chemical constituents of the structure of the battery pack and battery, can calculate the battery cost per kWh, the scale of production can be from the base to the 100 thousand battery pack / set, using this model, people found the film cycle and replace expensive solvent to reduce SEI film, improve the lithium ion battery electrode thickness, improve the capacity of the lithium ion battery can reduce unit energy cost.


The cost model based on BatPaC analysis of the cost and the square cylindrical battery battery by the Carnegie Mellon University in the United States and his colleague J.F.Whitacre RebeccaE.Ciez, found in the current level of technology, to further reduce the cost of the cylindrical space is very small, while the square battery has great potential to reduce the cost of lithium ion batteries.


The RebeccaE.Ciez in the model uses a 18650 cell as a baseline, allowing it to increase in height and diameter by 10% to increase battery capacity. The model is divided into two processes, capacity, size, a physical model of the battery positive and negative pole of the battery consists mainly of the length of the active material and quality parameters, followed by the establishment of cost analysis model, Rebecca E.Ciez model according to the analysis process based on the cost (PBCM) established the cost model of square and cylindrical battery.


Effect of the cost of lithium ion batteries mainly includes materials, equipment, auxiliary equipment, maintenance, manpower, energy, construction and other factors, using the above model analysis can be found using the same 70 micron electrode and 2GWh output, LMO batteries single is the lowest cost, but to examine the cost per KWh, instead of LMO material NCA and NCM are higher than the material cost, the cost of LMO is about 440 $/ KWh, while NCA and NCM cost is 276 $and 243 $/ KWh / KWh. The thickness of the electrode and the size of the battery have the most obvious impact on the cost of the battery. Increasing the thickness of the battery can significantly reduce the cost of the battery, increase the size of the battery, but also significantly reduce the cost of the battery.

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