Lithium Battery Production Line Is Tending Smart And Intelligent

- Sep 09, 2016-

Abstract: the manufacturing technology upgrading of power battery enterprises depends on the equipment, and it is necessary to put forward higher requirements for the performance improvement and technology innovation of the lithium battery equipment enterprises.           

With the rapid expansion of new energy vehicles and the continuous development of energy storage market, the high security, high consistency, high qualified rate and low manufacturing cost of the battery put forward higher requirements. Under the trend of mass production, the traditional lithium ion battery production mode and the semi-automatic lithium battery equipment have been unable to meet the development needs.           


At present, the power battery manufacturing production line tend to automation, intelligent, digital, has become the industry consensus. In fact, almost all of the power battery companies are ready or have been introduced to the automated production line or automation equipment. At the same time, the lithium battery equipment enterprises are also proposed for the power battery enterprises and the development of automation equipment, more equipment companies are to equipment manufacturing enterprises to the simple production line automation integration solutions provider transformation and upgrading.SNL company also offers


It can be predicted that the power battery enterprises to upgrade the manufacturing process depends on the equipment, will be on the lithium battery equipment manufacturers in product performance and technological innovation to raise higher requirements. However, the understanding of the design, matching, efficiency, function and other aspects of power battery enterprises and equipment enterprises in the field of lithium battery equipment and automation production line has become a barrier to achieve a deeper level of cooperation between the two sides.

At the same time, a large scale transformation and upgrading of the lithium battery equipment enterprises will inevitably increase the competition in the lithium battery equipment market. Therefore, how to further enhance the company's capacity performance and core technology in the development trend of the lithium battery equipment automation, has become the key to the future market competition.

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