Lithium Battery Resources Demand And Supply Will Get Into A High Prosperity Preriod Of Time

- Jan 08, 2017-

Industry insiders have warned that the increase in production is a complex process, no matter how friendly the government's performance is. Seen in this light, the battery manufacturers led by the end of the lithium resources to a large extent depends on the main supplier of lithium resources.          

In addition to Tesla, Nissan (Nissan) and BMW (BMW) and other traditional car manufacturers have also entered the rapid development of the electric car industry, the German automaker Daimler (Daimler) recently announced the construction of lithium ion battery factory plan. Samsung (Samsung) and Foxconn (Foxconn) and other companies are also the main users of lithium batteries.          

With the surge in the price of lithium materials, all lithium users are eager to lock the transaction. In 2011, the price per kilogram of lithium carbonate is only $5180, has now soared to $6400. Ignacio Moreno, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of mines, Chile (Ignacio Moreno), said Tesla and other car manufacturers have also traveled to Chile to investigate whether the supply of lithium resources to meet future demand.          

Tesla said that they have 3 companies operating in the region outside Chile and exploration company signed an agreement, the 3 companies will also become Tesla's lithium resources suppliers.lithium ion battery will get into a highly prosperity period of time, also including