Lithium Battery Thermal Control And Analysis From Samsung Note 7 Explosion

- Oct 23, 2016-

In the past September, we have been a mobile phone scraper, certainly not iPhone7, but also a Samsung mobile phone: Note7. Note7 not because of its strong performance to attract our attention, but because of it at home and abroad more than battery fire explosion, because Samsung distinction between domestic and foreign user's attitude, Samsung has stopped Note7 in the global scope of production and sales, opened the recall.          

For a strong performance of electronic equipment can not cover its security aspects of the problem, today we will come together to study the reasons and mechanism of lithium ion battery thermal runaway.          

For Li ion batteries, thermal runaway is the most serious safety accident, it will cause the lithium ion battery fire or explosion, a direct threat to the safety of users. Lithium ion battery thermal runaway is mainly due to the internal heat production is much higher than the heat dissipation rate, in the internal accumulation of a large number of lithium ion battery heat, which caused a chain reaction, resulting in battery fire and explosion.          

There are many factors that are out of control of heating, which is divided into two categories: internal factors and external factors. Internal factors are: the battery production defects lead to internal short circuit; battery is used improperly, resulting in the internal generation of lithium dendrite trigger positive and negative pole short circuit. The external factors are mainly: extrusion and acupuncture due to external factors such as lithium ion battery short circuit; battery external short circuit caused by internal heat accumulation of excessive external battery; high temperature led to the SEI film and the cathode materials decompose.

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