Lithium Ion Battery Can Be Used When The Hard Disk

- Jan 02, 2017-

In recent years, with the rapid development of computer technology, especially the development of artificial neural network technology, the demand for large-scale information storage is more and more intense, but the traditional storage devices, such as SRAM and DRAM during storage by the logic frame for serial operation of the structure, so the storage not only leads to low efficiency, but also greatly the increase of energy consumption in the process of information storage. In order to overcome the shortcomings of traditional memory, worthy of our engineers developed the interleaved memory characteristics of the memory significantly is the logical structure of the parallel operation, improve memory efficiency, reduce the energy consumption of information storage.          

According to recent reports, the neural network prototype cross array structure of filamentous metal oxide memristor based, has been able to after training, pattern recognition and document simple classification. But the memory still exist many limitations, the impact of these storage components of the correctness and efficiency of energy consumption, is the first to write serious noise, nonlinear and high write switch voltage and current.          

In order to overcome the limitations of the current cross memory, Sandia laboratory Elliot J. Fuller developed a transistor structure based on lithium ion battery (LISTA), LISTA is the resistance switching transistor of a solid state non-volatile redox, its action mechanism is the use of voltage in both ends of the LISTA driver Li on the positive and negative ion between insertion and extraction, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling transistor switch. Compared to other types of memory, between electrolyte and conductive channel LISTA of the energy barrier is very low, diffusion Li + in LiCoO2 in the activation energy is about 0.25eV, Li + diffusion in LiCoO2, a small current condition, the potential minimum is only 5mV, at high current is only 100mV, so only voltage is required small can control the switch state. More importantly, in the process of working in the LISTA will not be like other memory as a large phase change occurs, lithium ion diffusion in LiCoO2 will only slightly change its crystal structure. So compared to other types of memory, LISTA with low writing noise, linear operation and low operating voltage and current etc., can greatly reduce the power consumption of memory, very suitable for application in artificial neural network.

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