Lithium Ion Battery Cobalt Up By 17% 2018 Since 2017

- Mar 17, 2018-

Lithium ion Battery Cobalt Up by 17% 2018 since 2017

BIG NEWS -- cobalt is the key element of lithium ion battery for energy storage. from the begining of 2018 till now, raw material cobalt increased 17% so far per ton.

big cobalt fighting war is up among all lithium ion battery factories.

maybe some new comer do not know the relationship between. let me take lithium ion batteries for example.

3.7v lithium ion battery, this is rechargeable lithium ion battery. it's same for other rechargeable lithium ion batteries, 7.4v lithium ion or 11.1v lithium ion battery etc.  and all non-rechargeable batteries made by lithium ion material, for example, CR123A lithium battery, CR2032 non-rechargeable lithium ion batteries, as well as non-rechargeable lithium CR2450, CR2 etc. 

all these rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries we are using everyday are made by lithium, it's lithium battery. therefore, it's raw material is same. all of the above lithium batteries mentioned, have to use cobalt. Cobalt is the main and key element for high energy storage. cobalt is a kind of every active and high energy densisty chemical elements. you can look up to Periodic table of the elements´╝î but it's also very rare and luxiouse in global core. most of our cobalt depends on import from Braizl etc. but now lithium ion battery is getting hot. cobalt is becoming short of supply. therefore, cobalt price increased. that have direct relationship to our lithium ion battery price forwarding trend.