Lithium Ion Battery Future Bright Or Not

- Aug 26, 2018-

People are talking a lot of "what is lithium ion battery?" "what's the advantage of lithium ion battery v.s. traditional lead acid battery, Ni-Mh Battery & Ni-Cd Battery?" "how to make a lithium ion battery?" "how to produce a lithium ion battery pack?""what's the importance of lithium ion battery electrolyte?" "what's the importance of lithium ion battery seperator?" "what's the importance of lithium ion battery anode material selection?" "what is the C rate?" etc.

Let's discuss something different. 

since 2015, G20 golden brick countries head sumit conference, participated countries reached a mutal agree to put new energy development as a stragetic policy. thereafter, all countries are successively making raising policy to accelerate new energy industry grow up faster and faster. let's have a look at related policy released by Chinese goverment as below:

Policy on new energy vehicles:

In 2012, the state council discussed and adopted the Development Plan of Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Industry (2012-2020), which defined the main strategic orientation of the transformation of automobile industry with pure electric drive, promoted and popularized non-plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and proposed the goal of over 5 million vehicles by 2020. The introduction of the plan has virtually outlined a huge market profile for the power battery industry, the core component of energy-saving and new energy vehicles.

In July 2014, the state council issued the Guidance on Accelerating the Popularization and Application of New Energy Vehicles, which once again emphasized the development of new energy vehicles as a national strategy.

The rationalization and introduction of the long-term mechanism for the development of new energy vehicles will promote the future outbreak of the industry. The mechanism of punishment instead of subsidy and reward instead of subsidy will be the long-term driving force of the new energy vehicle industry after the subsidy is completely withdrawn. Benefiting from the continuous growth of new energy vehicles, the lithium battery industry has ushered in a new round of development opportunities.

Further more,

April 2015 notice on financial support policies for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in 2016-2020

2016/12/1 Notice on adjustment of financial subsidies for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles

2017-12/1 Notice on exemption of new energy vehicle purchase tax

2018/2/1 Notice on adjustment and improvement of financial subsidy policies for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles

China is a very big country, it has the world largest population, 1.4 billion. 9.6million square kilometer, with the "Two Kids Policy " open, China woulbe be probaly grow to double population by 2038. new energy market will have a bright future as exepcted.