Lithium Ion Battery New Cooperation 25.5v 24v 22.2v Etc.

- Sep 16, 2018-

There are many bad news about car battery manufacturer problem, let's have a look at one company, here not mentioned it's company name in the articles.

It is understood that the XX Compnay problem has a long history, especially in the second half of 2017, and the company's financial difficulties are corresponding to the frequent quality problems of batteries in operation, on June 28, 2018, XX Compnay issued a notice to all staff, said the company because of financial difficulties, all staff vacation for half a year. As a result, the dissolution of the service staff in the country has led to a breakdown of battery failures. 48v 3kw,150kw car system is huge combination.

According to another bus company official, because XX Compnay now has no after-sales personnel and spare parts, some malfunctioning vehicles were forced to stop, in order to be responsible for the users, but also for the credibility of the enterprise itself, the car company was prepared to replace the malfunctioning XX Compnay battery free of charge into other reliable brand batteries, but in actual work, But it is difficult to find. 48v car system battery is not that easy to solve after sales problem.

After all, it's not the XX Compnay's individual problem. It's likely to hide the crisis facing the industry as a whole: how can the entire vehicle company complete the quality assurance service to customers when the core components are not guaranteed after sales?

you might ask how to find a reliable battery company then?

big companies have advantages and disadvantages. here we do not have any comments. here SINOLI recommend new cooperation of batteries. that won't hurt your after sales benifit as well. if you have any interest in 48v batteries, 25.5v batteries, 18v etc.. welcome to propose your requirements and anticipated expectation. you can contact us via email, skype, wechat etc.