What is Lithium Ion Battery Pack&Module Manufacturing Craft

- Jun 16, 2018-

Lithium ion Battery Pack&Modul Manufacturing Craft

  1. Battery Cell Sorting Tech.

    a). division based on quiescent voltage, capacity, resistance;

    b). cell consistency based on battery cell material, articraft management.

  2. Plasma Cleaning Tech.

    a). feature highlight several commone use treatment, like ultra violet treatment, flame treament, plasma treatment, chemical treatment etc.

    b). introduction of plasma cleaning techonology and testing method;

  3. Adhesive Tech.

    a). Adhesive material selection, adhesive material evaluation index, adhesive material application analysis

    b). structure and process control of Adhesive and Pack

    c). how to optimize coating paramter to simplify coating process

  4. Module Assembly Tech.

    a) typical structure, assembly control and difficulties of square battery cell

    b) typical structure, assembly control and difficulties of cylinderic battery cell

    c) typical structure, assembly control and difficulties of square battery cell

  5. Outer Frame Welding Tech.

    a). laser welding & CMT welding tech in outer frame application

    b). tenery battery expansion force control mmmoethod

    c). introduction and application of buffer material and heat insulation material

  6. Moduel Sampling Tech.

    a). Common sampling tech, such as harness, crimping, FPC, PCB etc.

    b). Common sampling tech advantages and disadvantages and future trend.

  7. Package Assembly Tech.

    a). tighting method option

    b). airtighting method testing option

    c). suggestion on how to layout high voltage and low voltage