Lithium Ion Battery Quality Is The Most Important Of All

- Jun 16, 2018-

Lithium ion Battery Quality is the Most Important of all

No excellent product quality is difficult to enter the line of customer supply chain, even if entering the front-line suppliers, but if the quality of the problem will lead to serious consequences. For example, one or two battery drum shell, leakage, fire, explosion and other serious quality problems may lead to the loss of customers and even the consequences of claims, and the appearance of convex, black spots, scratches, thickness and other quality defects will also bring great customer complaints.

In short, the requirements of the terminal product to the battery are "safer, higher capacity, faster charging, smaller, lighter and thinner", so the battery manufacturer must have a better quality control and quality assurance system.

2. Quality Control Stages

The quality control of existing products in European and American companies is based on the following stages: DFM-DFMEA-PFMEA- production line Layout - Prototype-EVT-DVT-PVT.

DFM: design for manufacturing

DFMEA: design failed manufacturing evaluation and analysis

PFMEA: process failed manufacturing evaluation and analysis

We should use Plustek concept to optimize the production line's line balance, beat time, UPH and production line logistics.

The four stages of product ORT, production line UPH, equipment OEE and other verification and improvement, when the product through these stages of testing and improvement, the production of the product can be carried out smoothly.

2. Raw Material Vendor Quality Management:

The main materials of the battery include cathode material, anode electrode material, copper foil, aluminum foil, diaphragm, electrolyte, shell (aluminum plastic film, aluminum shell, etc.), polar ear, equipment and so on. Each of them has different effects on the final performance, quality and cost of the battery. Different suppliers and different batches of materials may have great differences, which requires suppliers to be managed.

The quality management of suppliers has an important concept, win-win, to give the supplier a reasonable profit space, and to make money to ensure the quality. otherwise supplier will use inferior materials and turn out substandard goods. so when supplier quotes, the material cost, manufacturing cost, management cost and reasonable profit space should be listed.

3. IPQC and OQC

4. ORT Reliable Test Management

5. Quality Sense Improvement

Product Quality, Working Quality and Service Quality

Three NO Policy:

  • 1. do not accept bad goods - self-examination, reinspection.

  • 2. do not make bad products - self inspection.

  • 3. no bad products - self-examination and reinspection

Three the principle is not to be passed.

1. The analysis of the cause of the event is not clear

2. Responsible persons and groups are not ignored by educators.

3. There are no precautions against the incident.