Long Period Of Lithium Battery Account Reason

- Nov 19, 2016-

The risk is a problem in all walks of life. New Year approaching, lithium battery industry chain of account of the disaster are also increasingly prominent, the account period was prolonged, the difficulty of remittance etc. not only affect the day-to-day operations of the enterprise, has become an important factor in the development of lithium battery industry chain shackles.          

According to a power lithium battery enterprises responsible person, the account period often is generally about 3 months, but now stretched to 6 months or even longer, there are some car prices by fines cheat up, battery companies get payment become elusive.          

New energy vehicle subsidy policy has not yet landed is the main reason. At present, the development of new energy automobile industry depends largely on the strong support and promotion of national policy. In the first half of this year, the new energy vehicle enterprises to deceive the exposure of the incident, the new government support policy has not yet landed, the development of new energy vehicles have been hindered. On the one hand, car enterprises funds, and capital chain pressure transferred to the core enterprise, elongated and core enterprise original account; on the other hand, deceived up turmoil, car prices take more conservative development strategy, more cautious in the production and sales of new energy vehicles, which also resulted in increased competition between the core enterprise, core products and capital input transformation difficulties.          

Bad debts, dead accounts will be infinite. At the root of the credit economy is the product of the credit economy, that is, the enterprise credit for the mortgage to enjoy the product and services in advance. The core enterprise payment arrears is not just one or a few enterprises encounter, has become the lithium battery industry "normal", almost no one home appliance enterprise core recovered to all payment. In order to develop the pressure transfer payment difficulties caused by the core enterprise business pressure to the material, making the whole industry chain form a vicious development pattern. And some malicious default or to avoid the payment of the money and the formation of bad debts and dead accounts is even more of a long period of time will be infinitely extended.

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