Low Speed Electric Vehicle Standards Wind Process Quoted Dispute

- Jan 03, 2017-

In the last week of 2016, China's low speed electric vehicle industry spent a very anxious week. December 22nd, the Ministry of public security to prohibit the pilot in Shandong, Dezhou low-speed electric vehicles. Just a few days after the incident in the afternoon of the 27 day, the National Standards Committee held an emergency four rounds of low-speed electric car standard working group of the second meeting of the new national standard of electric vehicles, low notice issued, is caused by a strong reaction in the low-speed electric car industry.          

Society of automotive engineering Chinese director, deputy director of the National Automotive standardization of electric automobile Specialized Committee Chen Quanshi said, "the development of management technology standard cycle low speed electric vehicles, compared with the previous 24 months the project period has been shortened, is expected to advance to the next year before the introduction of NPC and CPPCC". But according to Chen Quanshi said, the new national standard electric low management ideas have significant change, the road need to be qualified, standard, license, license, insurance and other five requirements, in the aspect of safety management and the "ordinary passenger car".          

But within a week, the policy of a sudden change in wind direction, let a person feel the rain fog. "The recent policy of the low-speed electric vehicle makes us feel very unexpected, countries have identified a number of" standard, upgrading a number, eliminated a number of ideas, but now these policies suddenly changed direction, feeling is the negation of the whole industry, rather than the previously proposed standard, guide the development of the industry." November 2nd, a low speed electric vehicle business executives told reporters.

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