Low Speed Vehical Is Gradually Taken By Lithium Ion Batteries

- Feb 26, 2017-

What is the difference between a lead acid battery and a lithium battery? In fact, there is no safety problem of lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries have been born for more than 160 years, the technology is very mature, so far no new technology can completely replace. Lithium battery in terms of energy density and cycle life does have advantages, the use of lithium batteries can make the low-speed electric vehicles more lightweight, mileage can also be improved, but the cost is an important factor restricting the development of the market. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, no doubt that the former meets the needs of the current market development, the latter will be accompanied by a modular, serialization level and the increase in total production capacity, and gradually reduce the cost of alternative lead-acid batteries.          

In the final analysis, the focus of controversy is the risk of lead acid batteries, but the industry believes that the problem is not pollution, but how regulation.          

Low speed does not mean low quality, such as Sun Qiao off as the representative of traditional enterprises, began to employ the famous American automobile designer has a surgeon, safety testing system, the quality of the products meet European standards, and are exported to Europe, Japan and other developed regions, patent technology is has more than one hundred more. Thus, the low-speed electric vehicles are driven by the law of the market, self innovation and revolution, new technologies, new patents into the product design, the industry is moving in a positive direction.