Low Voltage High Current Fast Charge

- Jan 03, 2017-

There is no doubt that in China it is OPPO that popular advertisements promoted the users for fast charging attention. As early as 2014, OPPO on its flagship mobile phone Find 7 on the starting of this fast charging technology, in the form of shunt shunt voltage in 5V will be charged to 4A to 5A. This technology requires the use of a special flash charging charger and data lines, data lines of the Micro end from the conventional 5 pin interface to upgrade to the 7 pin.          

The first generation VOOC flash charger output specifications for the 5V4.5A, and later introduced the volume almost half VOOC Mini flash charging charger output to 5V5A AK779 VOOC, the latest version of the charger is further adjusted to 5V4A, volume, efficiency and output reached a balance state.          

It can be said that the OPPO with the advantages of VOOC flash charge, long lead the domestic fast charging mobile phone camp, shortcomings is that it is fast charging technology OPPO exclusive, not licensed to third party accessories manufacturers, leading users current only official accessories can be bought.          

VOOC flash charge in the OPPO R series, N series are equipped with high-end models.

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