Management Of Power Battery Recycling And Utilization Draft

- Dec 04, 2016-

In December 1st, the Ministry issued the "Interim Measures" of the new energy automotive battery recycling management draft, the power battery life cycle management and requirements to make detailed provisions, and put forward the corresponding reward and punishment measures. Deadline for comments to December 14, 2016.          

First, in the design, production and recycling responsibilities          

The first requires the power battery to adopt the standard and easy to disassemble structure, and the battery uses the national unified coding, in order to facilitate the recovery of the late management.          

In the recycling link, automobile production enterprises should be responsible for the recycling of waste batteries to produce new energy vehicles in the process of car enterprises responsible for the establishment of recycling service outlets, or with the battery production enterprises, recycling and dismantling enterprises jointly formed battery recycling service network.          

In addition, especially for the power battery sales, the use of maintenance phase and the information tracking and management after retirement to make a detailed description.          

"The draft", new energy automobile users (property rights party) in the power battery maintenance, disassembly and replacement, maintenance, new energy vehicles should be sent to have the power battery maintenance quality and capacity of institutions for battery removal and replacement; in the new energy vehicles reaching retirement requirements, should be scrapped the vehicle to remove the battery recycling and dismantling enterprises. Shall not be arbitrarily dismantled by other units or individuals.          

Second, in terms of recycling          

"Draft" clearly put forward, waste power batteries should be used after the cascade utilization. Cascade utilization of waste power battery to meet the requirements of the reorganization and utilization, in accordance with the national unified coding standard for the cascade use of battery coding and labeling          

Cascade utilization of waste power batteries produced in the process of production cascade utilization of products should be transferred to the recycling and utilization of enterprises.          

Third, in the supervision and management          

The draft pointed out that the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly with the competent department of standardization national battery recycling related demolition, dismantling, packaging and transportation, energy detection, cascade utilization, material recycling and other technical standards, the establishment of recycling management system of power battery. At the same time, the establishment of the power storage battery recycling network system and traceability information management system.          

In addition, the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly with relevant departments to study and formulate preferential taxation, industry funds, integral management incentives, exploring the battery residual trading market, promote the battery recycling.          

Fourth, in violation of punishment          

If the car is the enterprise in violation of the relevant provisions of the Ministry of industry and information technology, order rectification, overdue rectification or rectification of substandard will suspend its "vehicle production enterprises and product announcement" in new product declaration; new energy automobile importers in violation of the relevant provisions of these measures, shall be punished by the relevant supervision departments.          

Battery production enterprises have been included in the relevant provisions of law, "" vehicle battery industry standard conditions > enterprise directory ", by the Ministry of industry and information technology, order rectification, overdue rectification or rectification is not compliance will be withdrawn included in the vehicle battery industry standard" < condition > enterprises directory "qualification; not included in the industry and the Ministry of information will not be accepted by the" "vehicle battery industry standard conditions for" business directory >. In violation of the relevant provisions of the provisions of the power battery importer, by the relevant supervision departments to be punished.

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