Metal Battery Development View

- Oct 29, 2016-

The research of metal batteries can be traced back to the last century in 60s, but the lithium metal anode in the liquid cell has a series of technical problems still lack of effective solutions, such as the side reaction of lithium metal and liquid electrolyte interface, SEI film distribution is uneven and unstable in life cycle, lithium metal deposition uniformity lead and dissolved lithium dendrite and hole uneven formation, causing a security problem.          

Based on the above reasons, many researchers have put the solution to the application of metal lithium anode in the hope that the use of solid electrolyte. The main idea is to avoid the side effects of the continuous occurrence of the liquid electrolyte, and the mechanical and electrical properties of the solid electrolyte inhibit the formation of lithium dendrites.          

Therefore, as the negative electrode, all solid state battery has better safety and reliability, and a longer cycle and service life. At the same time, the weight of the power battery and the volume energy density of the battery can be significantly improved by the matching of the metal lithium and the solid electrolyte.

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