Micro Electric Vehicle Standard Working Group Set Up 19 Days Of This Month

- Nov 05, 2016-

Recently, the National Standardization Management Committee said, "the four wheel low speed electric vehicle technology conditions" standard has been officially approved, the project name is "four wheel electric vehicle technical conditions", the Ministry of industry and information technology supervisor to develop, the drafting unit for China automotive technology and Research Center, Shanghai motor vehicle inspection center, the project cycle for 24 months.          

Notice on the establishment of the standard working group of micro electric vehicles and the first working meeting of the working group          

All relevant units:          

Because the micro electric vehicle can satisfy the specific use of the region, in the country has formed a certain scale of the industry, in order to regulate the micro electric vehicle in China the orderly development of the National Standardization Management Committee in October 2016 issued a "mission to develop national standards for the four round of low-speed electric vehicles technical condition", project number 20161682 - T - 339.          

The National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee will set up a "micro electric vehicle standard research group according to the superior departments in charge of arrangements, by engaging in micro electric vehicle products research and development, production, testing, and has a certain technical strength and the representative of the enterprise or the organization composed of experts selected.

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