Mobile Phone Plus IPhone 6 Exploded Successive With Saumsung Note 7

- Feb 10, 2017-

After Samsung Note7 explosion, Apple also caught in the explosion storm, according to CCTV news reports, a loyal user of apple from Zhejiang, in March 2015 to buy a mobile phone Plus iPhone 6, in August 31st of this year, mobile phone suddenly exploded. The user that the mobile phone exploded on her legs, then with a bang, but fortunately was promptly kicked out of the bus and mobile phone, the explosion caused no damage to people and property.          

While another Jiangsu iPhone 6 Plus users, in the case of normal charging, the phone also exploded. It is understood that the two iPhone mobile phone after the explosion of the horrors can not bear to look, even the battery and the board have been completely different.          

According to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee statistics, from September 1, 2016 to November 30th, a total of 8 consumers complained that their Apple phone occurs in normal use or normal charging spontaneous combustion occurs. Although they have to replace the new machine, but apple did not explain the cause of spontaneous combustion.          

Today, these 8 consumer complaints to the Consumer Association, lawyers believe that Apple should bear the relevant responsibility for the quality of the product and compensation, and suggested that the consumer complaints to the executive authorities to solve the problem. A series of published results, Apple has no longer the rapid growth of the brilliant, began to decline, if the impact of more large-scale bombings, apple is likely to repeat the mistakes of samsung.

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