Model S 18650 Battery Illustration 1

- Feb 28, 2017-

Stylish appearance, one hundred kilometers acceleration of 3.2 seconds, life of up to 440 km, these are Tesla Model S as a pure electric vehicle to show people the data.          

Model S has been able to have the performance of the performance of traditional fuel vehicles, in addition to motor technology, but also thanks to Tesla advanced battery technology.          

According to reports, Model S panels weighing up to 900 kilograms, was placed in the cockpit just below the chassis, providing energy for the motor at the same time, also played the role of the center of gravity and stability of vehicle.          

Recently, foreign expert panels will be a Model S to open and check it out.          

The foreign expert directly show us the battery. The position of the chassis between the front and rear shafts of the battery pack can be up to 900 kg. Therefore, the center of gravity of the chassis is low, which is good for the high speed stability of the vehicle. The battery packs almost all of the chassis of the vehicle, but the battery pack is not as the main body of the battery, the battery pack has reinforced ribs and the protection of the force frame, greatly reducing the risk of explosion when the collision.          

Has marked its identity nameplate of the whole battery group, which indicates its capacity of 85kWh, 400V DC, simple battery can be installed 85 degrees, for an ordinary family in a month.          

The surface of the battery pack is not only protected by a plastic film, but also provided with a protective plate of the fireproof material under the plastic film. The battery pack is under the panel. The guard plate is connected with the battery frame through bolts and is filled with sealing adhesive. The appearance of the battery protection is good.          

Tesla Model S battery pack looks very tall. The battery pack is composed of 16 groups of battery packs which are connected in series, and each battery pack is made up of 444 lithium batteries, which are connected in parallel with each other in 74 sections. So the Tesla Model S battery pack consists of 7104 sections of 18650 lithium batteries.          

The fuse is located at the front end of the battery plate and has an enclosure to protect against impact. The German Bussmann was rated current for 630A, rated voltage 690V, breaking current of 700-200kA, under the globalization trend of the fuse manufacturing in India. Market price of about 600 yuan.          

Panels in the 16 block of battery equalization tile in the shell, compact structure, tile for heat dissipation. Each battery pack is composed of six sets of single battery pack series, but the arrangement of single battery package does not use a balanced layout, but with irregular results, speculation is to heat pipe layout convenient battery inside.          

The voltage of the whole battery board is 313.8V, and the voltage of the single battery is 196.3V. Obviously this battery does not reach the rated output voltage, may not lead to battery power is not enough.