Network Car Company Talk With Big Car Manufacturer In China

- May 01, 2018-

Big Network Car Company DIDI, is getting talk with big car manufacturer in china. 


this kind of cooperation, including cooperte operation cars. in future it's likely to pose on a new kind of network car which is made by new energy. so far not reach more in details.

writers opinion: new energy car is getting popular year by year. big car manufacturers get foot into new energy storage system, that is lithium ion batteries manufacturing business, as articles mentioned before. now more and more head icons is getting into new energy storage business. that is why more and more customer finds lithium ion battery price last year is increased a lot compared with the year before last year. however, most customer finds that the price this year increased again based on last year increased price. so the writer predicate that lithium ion battery price will be getting much more higher than ever before.