New Batteries Molten Metal Batteries Salt Batteries Liquid Batteries

- Feb 26, 2017-

February 23rd news, wired, the author of the secret of the future of the current battery battle. The future will be the era of battery power supply, the new generation of battery competition is increasingly fierce, the competitors are quite novel concepts, such as liquid batteries, molten metal batteries and salt batteries.           The following is the main content of the article:          

Batteries may be by far the least attractive technology. This is particularly evident in the Department of materials science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which has a laboratory dedicated to the creation and testing of a new energy storage device.          

In the narrow room, audio-visual scientist Donald Sadovyi gray hair (Donald Sadoway) in for plastics parts, looks like a child looking for specific Lego bricks. He will be two objects on the table, their size and shape and canned similar, looks like a paperweight.          

No wonder it's hard to get people interested. But these are: Battery - Paperweight might be that technology changes our energy system.          

Batteries don't just make people feel boring. Honestly, they're pretty bad. Good to listen to, help our daily life of the battery are invisible heroes - they are integrated into smart phones, computers, cars and other important items. It is not good to say that they are expensive, bulky, flammable, difficult to deal with, in the cold environment prone to failure, but also easy to leak corrosive fluid. Just because they get energy from the equipment becomes more and more thin, more and more intelligent, but the battery is still waiting for the next upgrade. As we all know, the performance of the computer processor can be doubled every two years; and the battery may be only a few percentage points per year to enhance.          

However, the future will be the era of battery power. This imperative. The key to a cleaner, more efficient energy system, from electric cars to industrial solar power plants, is that the sooner we can do that, the faster we will be able to stop climate change.          

However, most of our current batteries, lithium ion batteries, are not good enough. Some progress has been made in the field: the cost of energy storage has fallen by half in the past 5 years, and more and more large companies are investing heavily in the technology, such as the construction of Gigafactory super battery factory. But from the point of view of a wide range of economic restructuring, lithium-ion batteries are still too expensive. They are very powerful in our daily equipment, but once they expand their size, they are prone to overheating, or even an explosion.          

Perhaps the biggest problem for lithium-ion batteries is that they will wear out slowly. Think about how your cell phone battery is going to change from 1% to recharge again for several years. This deep discharge and charging process will cause damage to the battery, will gradually damage the performance of the battery.          

Therefore, we should usher in a new battery, researchers around the world are competing to help us achieve this, a variety of technologies are trying to stand out. Some of these ideas are novel - not attractive, but absolutely amazing. For example, liquid battery, battery operating temperature of molten metal as the car engine, with saline as a raw material for battery.          

This is part of the new competitive landscape.