New Composite Lithium Metal Electrode Materials Come Out Of The Bottleneck Of Commercialization

- Dec 30, 2016-

The research team of Stanford University materials scientist Cui Yi and former U.S. Secretary of energy, Nobel physics laureate Zhu Diwen recently in the composition of the lithium metal electrode application development a major breakthrough.          

Lithium has a high theoretical specific capacity and an ideal anode potential. Lithium ion as the cathode of the two batteries, with high operating voltage, high energy density and other advantages, making the metal lithium become the preferred material in the field of energy storage. However, the side reaction of lithium and electrolyte, the change of electrode size and the formation of lithium dendrite during the cycling process. The former greatly reduces the efficiency of the battery and the electrochemical performance of the Kulun, the latter two will bring serious security risks to the lithium battery.          

After many attempts, the team turned their attention to nanotechnology. Study Group on the surface of the material special invasive in-depth study, first proposed the concept of "Pro Li", and the use of carbonaceous material surface subject "Pro lithium" treatment, through the establishment of "Pro lithium" interface material system, after the ground breaking lithium metal melt, the gap inhalation of carbon fiber network by capillary action, successfully prepared the composite lithium metal electrode with support frame. The size change, with smaller cycle composite lithium metal electrode in the new study system in carbonate electrolyte with high specific capacity and good cycle performance and rate, the voltage curve is relatively smooth, broke through the main problems hindering the commercialization of lithium batteries.          

The composite metal lithium electrode consists of 10% carbon fiber and metal lithium material. Carbon fiber network has good conductivity, high mechanical strength and electrochemical stability, therefore, as the main framework of lithium metal material is the best choice. Compared with the previous study, Liang Zheng et al. Lithium metal melt, and according to the different materials of the invasive "put forward by Pro Li" "Shu Li" concept, provides a new idea for the study of lithium metal electrode, and the research of other fields has a very high reference.

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