New Energy - Lithium Sulfur Battery

- Sep 25, 2016-

Lithium sulfur battery is a kind of lithium battery, in 2013 this technology is still in the stage of scientific research. And the use of mobile phones and laptops are not the same lithium-ion batteries, they belong to a large family of lithium batteries, but there are many differences in performance and charge discharge principle. The lithium sulfur battery is a kind of lithium battery which takes the sulfur element as the positive electrode of the battery and the metal lithium as the negative pole.          

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, senior engineer Wang Guoxu said, compared with the ordinary lithium battery, lithium sulfur battery is smaller, the battery capacity can be increased by 2-3 times, and there is room for improvement. Researchers developed the 35Ah battery than the energy 566Wh/kg (25 degrees Celsius), 39Ah battery than the energy 616Wh/kg (50 degrees Celsius), which is currently the world's most publicly reported than the highest energy lithium sulfur battery and battery pack. And sulfur is a kind of environmental friendly element, which has no pollution to the environment.

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