New Energy Car Li Ion Battery Material Application

- Aug 19, 2018-

New Energy Car Li ion Battery Material Application

With the increasing proportion of lithium ion batteries used in China's new energy vehicles, lithium battery market, especially 18650 battery currently 21700 21680 is also start put into market,  has a wide space. The lithium ion power battery market is entering a golden phase as China's electric vehicle sales surge, and the power battery industry will see explosive growth in 2017.

At present, the market of new energy dynamic battery is mainly lithium battery. Due to favorable policies in the new energy vehicle market, the development momentum of power lithium batteries is strong. Compared with traditional batteries, lithium batteries have been widely used in the fields of consumer electronics and energy storage products due to their larger capacity at the same volume and their green production, use and recycling processes.

Although the technology of lead-acid battery is mature, it does not conform to the new concept of national energy conservation and environmental protection. China does not encourage development. In fact, the only remaining market hope for ni-mh batteries is mainly in hybrid batteries, and most of the patent core technology is in the hands of Japanese manufacturers. From the perspective of the development trend of power battery, lithium battery is the main force in the future, and all automobile enterprises take the development of lithium battery as the main direction of new energy vehicles.

Currently, lithium battery anode materials are mainly used and developed in the market, including lithium cobalt (LCO), nickel cobalt (NCM) ternary materials, spinel type lithium manganese (LMO), olivine type lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and so on. According to gaishi automobile, the positive electrode materials in China mainly include lithium cobalt, ternary materials, lithium manganese and lithium iron phosphate. At present, lithium cobalt oxide is still the main positive electrode material in the field of small lithium electricity, mainly used in the traditional 3C field. The ternary materials and manganic acid lithium are mainly used in small lithium battery, and their technology as power battery is mature in Japan and South Korea. They are mainly used in power tools, electric bicycles and electric cars. Lithium iron phosphate is applied in power battery field in China and is the development direction of energy storage battery in the future.