New Energy Logistics Vehicle PK Traditional Logistics Vehicle

- Dec 20, 2016-

1 car comparison:

New energy logistics vehicles can get central and local two subsidies, namely: in accordance with the battery capacity per kWh subsidy of $1800, the total subsidy per car not more than 147 thousand and 600 yuan.

Ordinary fuel logistics car purchase 5-6 million.

2 use cost comparison:

In accordance with ordinary fuel logistics car purchase 50 thousand, 150 thousand km fuel money of $90 thousand, maintenance fee of $15 thousand, ran to 150 thousand km, the total cost of $155 thousand;

The same price of new energy logistics vehicles, 150 thousand km tariff of about $20 thousand, maintenance fee of 10 thousand yuan, a total of a total of $80 thousand.

3 fuel maintenance costs:

To the most conservative estimate of a full battery life 100Km, requires 15 degrees of electricity to electricity per kWh calculation of 0.6 yuan, 100 km energy consumption cost of $9. Energy consumption per kilometer is 0.1 yuan. We use the same model seat fuel vehicle for example, the type 1.2 displacement van fuel consumption per hundred kilometers of at least 9 liters, according to the current price of No. 93 gasoline price 6.75 yuan per liter per hundred kilometers, the cost of energy consumption of at least 60.75 yuan per kilometer, the cost of energy consumption is 0.61 yuan.

In accordance with each car mileage per day in 150 km as an example:

Pure electric vehicle costs a year for: 150*0.1*30*12*5=27000 yuan

Equal allocation of fuel vehicles a year cost: 150*0.61*30*12*5=164700 yuan


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