New Energy Vehicles Are Exempt From Purchase Tax Models Released In The Ninth Batch Of The List

- Nov 27, 2016-

In November 25th, the Ministry announced the "new energy vehicles exempt from vehicle purchase tax" directory (Ninth batch), the number of Listed Companies in the related models in the list, including Changan automobile, BYD, the Great Wall automobile, JAC, Lifan motors, Jiang motor, bus pass, SAIC, Chinese Chongqing A shares of listed companies will benefit from.

According to statistics, 73 pure electric passenger cars, 487 pure electric buses, 15 pure electric vehicles, 367 pure electric vehicles, 2 pure electric tractor, 20 plug-in hybrid passenger cars, 130 plug-in hybrid buses, 1 plug-in hybrid vehicles 1, fuel cell vehicles, 3 passenger cars, 3 fuel cell fuel cell vehicles will be exempt from vehicle purchase tax.          

In the field of pure electric passenger cars, BYD, Changan Automotive (Changan automobile and subsidiary), the Great Wall automobile, Lifan automobile, JAC, Jiang motor (Automobile Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Jiangsu Kowloon's) were less than 4 and 3 paragraphs, 3, 3 and 1 paragraphs, 1 pure for electric vehicles.          

In the field of pure electric bus, Jinlong automobile shortlisted models most, not less than 89 models (Nanjing Jinlong 63, Xiamen Jinlong 26); Yutong Bus, Ankai Futian Automobile, were less than 25, 24 and 20 models finalists. In addition, bus pass, BYD, SAIC, JAC heavy truck, China also has a pure electric bus finalists.

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