New High Performance Low Cost Lithium Battery

- Dec 22, 2016-

Recently, China Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology research center of integrated functional film materials professor Tang Yongbing and his research team successfully developed a new type of high performance and low cost of lithium ion battery technology, is expected to break the existing pattern of lithium-ion battery industry. The relevant research results of "A Novel and Generalized Lithium Ion Battery Configuration Utilizing Al Foil as Both Anode and Current Collector for Enhanced Energy Density (a foil anode / collector of the high energy density of lithium ion battery model based on universal)" have been published online in the Journal of materials Advanced Materials (DOI:10.1002 / adma.201604219, IF = 18.96), 1 international patents and Applications (PCT / CN2016 / 081346).


With the development of science and technology, lithium-ion battery has been widely used in portable electronic equipment, mobile tools power supply and other fields, its market size has been rapid expansion. Especially electric vehicles, large energy storage facilities need to improve, for the development of new two battery of high energy density, low cost, long life cycle has become increasingly urgent. The lithium ion battery since 1991 by the Sony Corp since the commercialization, has 25 years of history, its working principle is to rely on lithium ion in the anode (LiCoO2, lithium iron phosphate, three yuan) move back and forth between the anode and graphite (intercalation and deintercalation) to realize the battery charge and discharge process. However, the current commercial lithium-ion batteries still exist low energy density, high manufacturing costs, large capital investment and other issues, restricting the development of the battery industry.


Based on the above considerations, Tang Yongbing researcher and his team members, such as Ji Bifa, and so on, successfully developed a new type of lithium ion battery based on aluminum foil negative electrode, such as, and so on. The new battery directly using aluminum foil as anode and collector, to replace the traditional lithium ion battery anode and graphite cathode copper foil collector; the common commercial LiCoO2, lithium iron phosphate, three yuan of material; electrolyte using carbonate solvents. The new battery has a full battery reaction mechanism of new: when charging, lithium ions out of the anode material and movement to the surface of the anode foil, and the formation of aluminum lithium alloy and aluminum; discharge, lithium ion released from aluminum lithium alloy, and embedded into the cathode material.


The structure not only can effectively reduce the self weight and volume of the battery, improve the mass and volume energy density, but also greatly reduce the manufacturing cost and has wide universality. The research results show that the lithium cobalt oxide as anode, aluminum foil for cathode (LCO - Al) energy density can reach 263 Wh / kg, charge discharge cycle of the battery capacity is maintained at 81% after 250 times; all batteries using LiFePO4 as cathode, anode foil (LFP - Al) energy density reaches 163 Wh / kg, charge discharge cycle of the battery capacity is maintained at 84% after 500 times; full battery with lithium cobalt nickel oxide cathode material for three yuan, aluminum foil as anode (NCM - Al) energy density reaches 258 Wh / kg, the charge discharge cycle 86% to maintain the battery capacity after 250 times. The research results have a huge industrial prospects, and is expected to change the existing lithium-ion battery industry pattern.


The research was supported by Guangdong innovative research team, Guangdong science and technology program, Shenzhen science and technology program and National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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